"A debut of biblical proportions." - Library Journal

“Starck's unusual, often charmingly phrased fable is constructed around the responses of a band of individuals to life's unpredictable challenges. . . . Variously romantic, symbolic, philosophical, feminist, and fanciful, this is an atmospheric tale that meanders to a sweetly rousing conclusion. Forget the ark, forget the patriarch. It's the women who tend to triumph in this modern take on an Old Testament parable.” – Kirkus Reviews

Noah’s Wife may be a contemporary allegory, but Lindsay Starck is a classic storyteller dealing with human folly in the face of nature’s ungovernable force.  Her novel is an engrossing fusion of wisdom and beautiful writing.” —Mary McGarry Morris, internationally bestselling author

“If I found out this book had been translated from French, I would learn French in order to be able to read it in the language it was originally written in. I love it." —Daniel Wallace, New York Times-bestselling author of Big Fish

Noah’s Wife by Lindsay Starck is a riveting fable based loosely on the biblical story of Noah’s Ark. Only this time, it is Noah’s wife herself who embraces the ideas of faith and community, and her strength and compassion give this story a powerful, modern twist. Although the novel is filled with such exquisite detail that you may want to read this while sitting under an umbrella, Starck’s strength is in her characters. She peoples the sodden town with compelling, often hilarious individuals, each of whom will remain with you long after you turn the last page.”  —Melanie Benjamin, New York Times–bestselling author of The Aviator’s Wife

“Starck has crafted a quirky tale with several strong characters... her modern-day fable of faith, hope, loss, and illusion is intriguing.” -Booklist

“A testament to the power of believing in yourself, the journey of Noah's wife to define herself on her own terms runs parallel to the internal struggles of the town's citizens... While the story does not exactly follow the structure of the biblical Noah tale, the strong narrative voice gives the impression of a modern-day fable. By turns humorous and moving, this mixture of allegory and offbeat characters will delight readers.” - Shelf Awareness

"Debut author Starck inventively imagines Old Testament stories within a contemporary setting... The novel's 40 chapter cleverly reflect the 40 days of the Genesis flood... biblical motifs of pairs, exodus, exile, prophecy, and hope echo strongly. Starck's bright voice should hold particular appeal for fans of Barbara Kingsolver and Sara Gruen." - Publishers Weekly

"Noah's Wife is a thinking reader's book... clever and effective... a study of character, of faith, of relationships and individuality." - The Roanoke Times